Sound walk reflection and upcoming project

Next Stop Jay Street Metrotech Station

This is a sound walk created in collaboration with Zack Lee. Overall, I really enjoyed the creative process. I learned about the best practices and techniques to record sounds. I also became more conscious of the detail and creative energy that encompasses developing a successful narrative. I have never worked with Adobe Audition before so it was a new experience to edit the sounds we recorded. Zack and I started designing our sound walk by researching the history of the building. Once we discovered the building once belonged to the New York City Transit Authority, we wanted to play with the theme of taking “three stops” through the history of the 370 Jay Street building. I wrote the script after we discussed what ideas we had for each stop of the walk. Once the script was written, Zack collected the sounds we needed to source from royalty-free sites and created a list of sounds we needed to record. We recorded the remaining sounds together using zoom recorders. We both took turns editing the final soundtrack on Adobe Audition. In retrospect, I would have liked to spend more time fine tuning the final soundtrack and making sure the transition between audio clips was smoother. Due to time constraints, we had to rush the editing process a bit and did not get to test our track with as many listeners as we would have liked. Among the feedback we received from participants, the main suggestion was to provide a map to listeners to prevent them from getting lost and address any ambiguity of the starting location. Future implementations of this project will include a map and other physical assets as well as adjustments to the transitions between audio clips.

Match Watch

Our project is an infomercial for a product called Match Watch. Match Watch is an application and digital service designed to help partners keep track of their significant others through questionable surveillance means. Our infomercial will depict a scenario where the application would be necessary, a description of the product, testimonies pertinent to the success of the product (facetiously), and a demonstration of a limited-edition service offering.

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