Interactive Flyer about Deforestation

Objective: Create a sketch that combines my interests in programming and sustainability.

This project is inspired by interests in sustainability and computer science. I have been wanting to mix my two interests in a creative way. I am passionate about educating others on what it means to be sustainable and how does that translate to our everyday lives. In an attempt to start creating in that direction, I created the following interactive online poster.

The program starts with a grid of different trees from a randomized selection of icons I uploaded. The user’s mouse is an axe and as it hovers over a tree icon it cuts down the tree (in reality the tree image is replaced my a stump icon that is randomly selected from a series of images I uploaded. As the user cuts down more trees, a statistic from the World Wildlife Foundation begins to fade in and come into view. After 20 trees are cut down, the full opacity of the text box is reached. The user can continue to cut down trees even after the text box is revealed.

All images used in this program are from Adobe Stock Images. There are 34 different tree icons. Using Adobe Photoshop, I isolated each tree and saved it on its own png.

There are 8 different types of stumps. They were isolated from this image below. The last stump in this image was not used since it has grass by the roots which is not consistent with the other stumps.

Finally, here is the axe image used as the cursor for my program.

I would like to continue this project and create a series of these animated and interactive posters. I hope in the future I can either have enough variations of these flyers to create a website or create an installation that showcases each one. My goal is use my creative skills to bring environmental awareness to disadvantaged communities and educate others on climate change.

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