Epic Fail :(

The concept: create an instrument similar to a keyboard where each button plays a different note.

The execution: A beeping mess. The speaker would not play any tone. I troubleshooted my project by rewiring the whole circuit from scratch and then double checked the connections for each button. I started to debug my program by revisiting the labs that used speakers and simplifying my circuit. For example, trying to get it to work with one button, then two, then three.

The crazy part that made really frustrated was when I redid the labs my speaker and code worked perfectly. However, once I tried to place the buttons in parallel as digital input the speaker malfunctioned.

Potential Causes of Error:

  • Before I began working on this project, I tried executing several other project ideas that failed which made me loose time. Originally, I wanted to create a game that allowed users to push buttons on the Arduino which would reflect changes in a p5 visual program. I spent 3 hours going that route after discovering the p5.bots library and trying to correctly install the software. I kept running into some errors in the Terminal and went into several deep threads on Github to no avail. I later asked ITP resident, Cassie, for help and she told me that the library actually does not work because multiple people were running into the same issue when trying to download the correct serial port file. I downloaded and uploaded Firmata to my Arduino in the process and I wonder if that could have affected anything. I performed both a soft and hard reset just in case. Once I finished this rollercoaster of issues, I reread our assignments page and saw that we are actually learning how to connect our Arduino to p5 this week. *facepalm*
  • My breadboard has not been fully worn in and I think that my resistors for my buttons never completely entered the board all the way to the bottom. This could result in unstable connections.

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