Match Watch

This is a satirical informercial created in collaboration with Youngmin Choi and Sam Krystal. Our video showcases our product called Match Watch. Match Watch is an application and digital service designed to help partners keep track of their significant others through questionable surveillance means. Our infomercial will depict a scenario where the application would be necessary, a description of the product, testimonies pertinent to the success of the product (facetiously), and a demonstration of a limited-edition service offering.

Creative Process:

We began by sketching our ideas for the scenes on a piece of paper.

We then brought these pictures to life by creating a story board on Storyboarder.

Next, you we began filming our scenes using a DSLR Camera and a Zoom recorder. Below, there is a slideshow of images documenting our process and set up for some of my scenes.

The most time-consuming part of this project was the editing on Adobe Premiere. It was not necessarily difficult, but time consuming since we needed to keep in mind many small details. Some of the audio clips we recorded were too low even when we increased the volume in Premiere. Therefore, we edited the volume and room tone in Adobe Audition and then imported the clip to our Premiere project file.

Overall, this was really fun to make! We really enjoyed recruiting people to be part of our video. Special thanks to all of our volunteers!


Nikhil Kumar

Erkin Salmorbekov

Emily Zhao

Mousta Taenchiki

Karenna Rodriguez

Michelle Sun

Lulu Lyu

Marko Papic

Cheran Kelly

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