Paper or Plastic Interactive Flyer

Objective: Design a program to engage the user in a conversation about paper and plastic bags. Which one is better to use or more environmentally friendly?

The program starts with a split screen that reads “Paper” on the left and “Plastic” on the right. There are 20 bags floating around the screen. As the bags cross the line boundary, they turn into a paper or plastic bag corresponding to their position from the boundary. Each image is randomly selected from a series of images I uploaded and created in Adobe Photoshop. The user can use their mouse to drag the line boundary left or right which will fade in a text box full of facts about the pros and cons of each. All statistics are derived from a New York Times article and the Environmental Protection Agency 2015 Fact Sheet.

In my program, there are 7 different types of paper and plastic bags.



I wanted to challenge myself and make a program that incorporates responsive design. Therefore, the entire program is scaled using the windowWidth variable!

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