Party Mirror

Objective: Create a sketch that incorporates the webcam.

This project was inspired by the idea of photo mosaics, where one image is made up of hundreds of smaller ones. I originally wanted to create a dynamic photo mosaic that visualized your webcam feed. However, I soon came to realize that this was a bit too ambitious for the time frame I had and came to an alternative. In this project, I wanted to challenge myself to use p5 DOM objects as well as create simple alternating pixel states.

Using the pixel array, I created three different types of pixels: square, circular, and square pixel with an image of your choice. The square pixel is the default state. The image pixel is activated as soon as you upload an image. Lastly, the circular pixel is activated in party mode.

I was feeling groovy this weekend and decided to have a little fun by adding a DOM button that would act as a party button. When the button is pressed, music starts playing and initiates a series of animations in the background! With more time I want to add a disco ball or imitate the effect of spotlights from the ceiling!

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