Response to Animation Examples

Norman McClaren’s “Neighbors”

I really enjoyed this film because it was a mixture of motion picture and stop-motion animation. I love the artists use of objects as well as people as the characters of this story. The irony of the story is that despite fighting for ownership of the flower they their own flower in the end!

Quay Brothers – “Street of Crocodiles”

Haunting. Engaging. Beautiful. The character development of this film is highly entertaining. The characters are scary and eccentric, but you still can perceive emotions of mischievousness and kindness in their own odd way.

Lotte Reiniger “Thumbelina”

My favorite part of Reiniger’s animation is the her use of shadows and silhouettes. I am impressed with the amount of detail that is illustrated by her black figures and their movement. The fine cuts into her figures to depict hair is a level of detail that adds so much realism to her animation.

The Immersive Realism of Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli creates these beautiful animations that waver between realistic and fantastical. They create detailed characters as well as build intricate worlds for them to live in. My favorite quote from the video is by Hayao Miyazaki: “The animator must fabricate a lie so real, viewers will think the world depicted might possibly exist.” Like many of the comments written below the video on YouTube, Studio Ghibli animated worlds are dream-like.

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