A day in the life of a NYC subway rat

For my next animation project, I am collaborating with Filmon Abraham to create a digital collage. We are designing a digital animation that personifies New York City subway rats and explores what a fictional day in their life would look like. Filmon and I met up this week to brainstorm our concept and analyze what type of assets we would need.

Brainstorming and storyboard

Our storyboard sequence:

Characters: male rat[MR], female rat[FR], and young rat[YR]

Scene 1: MR enters the NYC subway station dragging a pizza slice in his mouth.

Scene 2: MR brings pizza slice to family. family rejoices

Scene 3: Rat family are enjoying dinner with each other while neighbor shouts that he found a cool object (an AirPod) FR tells him not to interrupt their dinner.

Scene 4: FR notices poison sign and cries. They are being evicted from their home and must relocate to survives. FR suggests they move with her family in Jersey. YR asks parents if they can at least go sightseeing one last time. The parents agree.

Scene 5: They visit the Brooklyn Bridge.

Scene 6: They visit the Empire State Building and observation deck.

Scene 7: They visit Yankee Stadium.

Scene 8: They decide to finish site-seeing and take the ferry to jersey. 


Filmon will be creating the characters by sketching and then building the layers in Adobe Illustrator. All of our background and props images for our scenes were sourced online using Google and other image databases. Due to the educational purpose of this project, we did not use all royalty free images. Disclaimer: WE DO NOT OWN ALL THE COPYRIGHTS FOR IMAGES USED IN THIS PROJECT.

We will then import all our assets into Adobe After Effects and bring it to life!

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