Interactive Playback

Objective: Collaborate with KJ Ha to work on a sketch we call Interactive Playback.

We both wanted to create an interactive piece that allowed users to pick sound clips and rearrange them in the order of their liking. Originally, we wanted users to be able to to record each of the sound clips and then rearrange them in whatever order they liked. However, many complications arose when we were experimenting and we decided not to go that route. For example, we would have to create different gestures for recording and dragging the boxes. We also would have to design an algorithm that allowed the user to record their audio but only use one mic.start() and the same time in the draw loop constantly check if the user was trying to record or not for each box. Instead, we decided to pre-select the sound selection available to users.

This program consists of a 5 boxes, each with a unique sound. There is a constant line looping across the screen to illustrate the playback timeline. Users can drag the boxes to the playback timeline and rearrange the sounds to their liking.

In the future, we would like to add the functionality of being able to use the same sound box more than once in the playback timeline.

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