Hoops Trivia Software

For my Intro to Computational Media and Physical Computing final project, I am joining both skill sets to create a project that I call Hoop Trivia! Hoop Trivia is a traditional basketball arcade game mixed with trivia. It is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s called Connect 4 Hoops, where players play connect 4 by throwing basketballs into one of the columns.

To read the full inspiration behind this project and view the hardware breakdown, visit my Physical Computing blog page below! (Note: The Hoop Trivia pages are password protected. I added this layer of privacy because I would I like to sell my design after it is completed. Feel free to shoot me an email and I will send the password to you if you are still curious.)

These past two weeks I focused on fabricating my project and building the graphical interface that will be linked with the hardware components. I created a p5 sketch that serves as a rough draft of the game loop and incorporates keyboard events to mimic the input I will be receiving through the Arduino. I pull multiple choice questions from a trivia API and parse through a JSON file to extract questions under different categories.

Hoops Trivia Software (Rough Draft)

Keyboard events:

  • Press “c” to enter a quarter.
  • Press the Left Arrow button to select Player 1.
  • Press the Right Arrow button to select Player 2.
  • Press numbers 1-4 to shoot a basketball and select one of the multiple choices.

I currently am working on adding images and sounds to the interface. I have a more advanced working draft of the software that has more functionality built in. However, I am developing it locally on my computers due to the large number of asset files I am using. Within the next few days, I will create a Github repository with the updated code and share the link accordingly.

I am really excited on how everything is coming along and cannot wait to display the finished project!

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