Hoop Trivia Software Final

Hoop Trivia Software Demo

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I am joining both my p5.js and Arduino skills to create a project that I call Hoop Trivia! Hoop Trivia is a traditional basketball arcade game mixed with trivia. It is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s called Connect 4 Hoops, where players play connect 4 by throwing basketballs into one of the columns.

Keyboard events:

  • Press “c” to enter a quarter.
  • Press the Left Arrow button to select Player 1.
  • Press the Right Arrow button to select Player 2.
  • Press numbers 1-4 to shoot a basketball and select one of the multiple choices.

The next few days I will be linking the hardware components to my p5.js sketch using Serialization so switches and buttons will replace the keyboard events.

I have not been able to fully develop the full player mode since it has been quite tricker than I anticipated. Therefore, for the winter show, I will only be showcasing the 1 player mode. With more time and resources, I would like to add more animations to this interface and more sound effects!

** Ps. I am not sure how to share a link to my private GitHub Repository 😦

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