Food in Space

Pizza photoshopped in space

I am really interested in exploring the design around food packaging and community outreach on how to eliminate synthetic waste. After I read the Food in Space article, I learned that an astronaut’s food are all pre-packaged in plastic that are carefully curated by a dietitian to make sure all of the astronauts nutrients are being met. A serious of questions came to mind concerning this: Is plastic packaging a requirement to maintain sterile conditions in the Space Shuttle? Are there any other materials NASA has explored? Where does the plastic waste go after the food is consumed? Is it shipped back to earth? Another question I have that might sound silly ( I am no physicist), but does it concern NASA about all the waste that is produced from exploration? Is it a myth that the earth is getting lighter as more resources are exported from earth? Can that affect earth’s orbit?

I always think of astronaut ice cream when I think of what types of food are eaten in space. Therefore, thinking about what the future of food in space for non-astronaut sparks in the inner kid in me to get excited. Yet, I also feel hesitant because I feel it is a luxury that not many people will have the opportunity to experience. I am really looking forward to Maggie Coblentz‘s talk so I can understand a little bit more about what NASA and other organizations are doing to combat some of these waste issues.

One thought on “Food in Space

  1. Julie!

    Such a thoughtful post – especially the question about waste – you absolutely do not have to be a physicist to question the use of materials. Did the discussion in class provide insight into this? I think it’s an incredibly important question – oftentimes the consequences of behaviors are rarely considered down the line. I think you can design something that is both whimsical and actionable. I would argue that good design get’s people to change their behavior rather than through utilitarian design choices. This article might help you connect the role airplane food and airplane food waste plays in the consideration of space food and space food waste :

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