Elucd Case Study

This service can be improved by adding the following features:

  • Make the service available in multiple languages so it can be accessible to more members of the community
  • Provide an alternate call-in service for members to give feedback in case they have limited access to a computer or other technologies
  • Provide an automatic text-messaging system so members can have even another way of submitting feedback. More options of submission allow people to chose the platform they feel most comfortable in and can potentially lead to more thoughtful results.
  • Before beginning any of the services, have the user read and sign a consent form which describes what the survey is for, how to participate (can discuss here how discriminatory responses will handled), and how the data is encrypted. If they chose to agree, begin prompting the user with questions. I think it would be beneficial to model this consent form to the consent forms used in psychological studies.
  • Ask questions in multiple formats: for example include scales, multiple choice questions, true or false, free-response.
  • Debrief the users after they are finished and highlight why it is important that they continue to provide feedback. Offer contact information where they can ask any additional questions they might have and where they can go/contact to read about updates to policies that have been influenced by public feedback.

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