Project Timeline

moving clock animation

Proposal: Research plant-based sealants/adhesives to create all-natural tableware made out of rice husks


Week Five:

  • find and buy a heat-resistant sealant
  • experiment adding new sealants to bowls
  • start thinking about storytelling/framing (begin outlining presentation/pitch)

Week Six:

  • explore with aesthetics and various shapes
  • use silicon molds
  • add colors
  • finish presentation

This past week I have spent an extensive amount of time researching alternative natural sealants and adhesives to pine resin that might allow for the rice husks bowl to be heat resistant. Besides a flame retardant from mussels (polydopamine) and the sophisticated bioengineering processes behind the creation of Bananatex , there are very few natural sealants/processes that meet the qualifications of being waterproof and heat-resistant. Yet, even in the 2 possibilities I have found, the sealants are either under development and/or not accessible within the 2 weeks remaining until the end class. As a result, I have decided to focus my attention for this class on solely creating bowls out of rice husks, with the future aspiration of expanding the concept to also include tableware out of plantain peels. I have been using my time instead brainstorming how I can pitch my current prototype (flaws and all) and how I can improve the aesthetics of the bowl. I am currently waiting for an order of natural dyes to experiment adding color to the pine resin!

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