Design an bin that can allow consumers to organize and store their trash more efficiently at home

Brainstorming features:

  • 3 compartments: trash, recycling, compost
  • collapsible compartments or adjustable dividers
  • sliding back panel to hold sign or poster
  • removable bin floor that can be removed easy for cleaning
  • foot pedals and wheels
  • inner bag clips to keep bag from slipping
  • concealed bag roll holder to easily replace bags
  • Extendable arms to hold folded cardboard boxes

Initial Design

Below are screenshots of a rough draft of my product proposal. I created this 3-D model using Shapr3D on my iPad. The proportions are wrong and there are a lot of details I would still like to add. However, I wanted to start thinking about this bin in a physical space and practice using this 3-D modeling software. This draft currently incorporates the following features: 3 compartments, bag clips, adjustable dividers, wheels, and foot pedal.

Future State Storyboard

  1. Sarah orders a product online.

2. Sarah’s package arrives.

3. She is happy that her product arrives on time. She stores away her product and now needs to decide what to do with her trash.

4. She looks at the packaging material to see what items can be recycled.

5. She knows the cardboard box can be recycled, but isn’t sure about the rest of the materials. She looks at the back slidable panels on her trash can to help her make a decision.

6. Sarah can now neatly place each item in the appropriate container of her trash bin. She had previously adjusted her trash bin dividers to fit her needs for each section. Sarah tucks the cardboard box in the expandable slot on the right.

7. When all sections of her trash bin are full, Sarah takes out the trash and replaces the bags.


Currently, in the market there are trash bins with multiple compartments. However, most “multi-bins” as they are coined usually consist of 2 compartments.

One trash bin that would be in direct competition with the product I am proposing is the following:

Step N’ Sort Multi-Compartment Trash Bin
Pros Vs. Cons
Venn Diagram

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