Corpora + BodyPix

Objective: Explore with the BodyPix machine learning model and p5.js.

I wanted to create a virtual background using the BodyPix machine learning model from ml5.js. The background consists of a blue mask with a list of the most popular programming languages from Corpora. It is a relatively short and simply program to keep me inspired and encourage myself to learn more languages on this list!

Corpora reflection inspired by Excavating AI reading:

  • What is the origin of the data? -> This is an open source project made by Darius Kazemi and many different contributors.
  • Who had the power to collect, label, and make available the data? -> Anyone on the internet with access to Github
  • Have the maintainers of this dataset or API made this information easily available? -> Very easy and straightforward
  • What potential harms could result from the collection, use (or misue) of the data, especially to marginalized communities? -> There are very clear warning throughout the documentation that this is not a comprehensive list. Its main purpose is for prototyping and educational purposes. Using Corpora’s datasets in final/long term projects, can exclude vital information and present a skewed representation of people, authors, and objects.

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