My Celebrity Brand

@adventurewithjulie instagram feed

I want to start off by saying that this was super fun to do, but also really time consuming! I took a lot of time debating which pictures to post and what aesthetic to go for. I ended up going for an explorer archetype since I genuinely enjoy outdoor activities and wish I could travel more post-pandemic. I used pictures from trips I have done in the past 3 years to heighten the character and create a more rugged look/feel. All the media content is mine with the exception of the book bag picture which I derived from Unsplash for an opportunity to tag Patagonia as one of my favorite brands. I tried to use mixed to media to fully engage and maximize Instagram’s potential. The crazy thing is that while I am writing this blog the state director of The National Conservancy of Massachusetts commented on my post about hiking in the Berkshires. My Instagram reel has also gotten over a 1,000 views so far! The internet is such a weird place but I am enjoying the ride so far. I can’t wait to keep adding new content.

After reading Trust me I’m Lying, I am left both amused and horrified at the extent of manipulation that goes on in today’s online marketing. I can’t say I am surprised because I knew part of the story of advertisements as a means to get paid for traffic. However, it shocks me how deep the schemes are rooted in the journalism industry. Everything is really lie and we need to be skeptical of everything we read, do, or hear these days.

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