Multi-Bin is a customizable household trash bin, designed to maximize storage and optimize trash classification. Context and Research The New York City Department of Sanitation [DSNY] has 4 main waste collection streams: Trash Mixed Paper and Cardboard Organics Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Cartons Previous consumer research conducted by Statista in the United States has identified […]

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Design (UX)

Goal: Design an bin that can allow consumers to organize and store their trash more efficiently at home User Flow Wire Frame To get a better sense of scale, I first created a prototype of my design using my limited supply of cardboard boxes. This helped me visualize the height of the bin and gave […]

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Training my own GAN Model

I first scraped 3838 images from Flicker using the keyword “coffee”. Then, I uploaded the dataset to Runway. I used StyleGAN2 with Flickr Faces pre-trained model and 3000 steps to train my coffee model. After 5 hours, my model produced a FID 92.01. I suspect the high value is due to limited number of steps […]

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Goal: Design an bin that can allow consumers to organize and store their trash more efficiently at home Brainstorming features: 3 compartments: trash, recycling, compost collapsible compartments or adjustable dividers sliding back panel to hold sign or poster removable bin floor that can be removed easy for cleaning foot pedals and wheels inner bag clips […]

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User Research

Persona Empathy Map Current State Experience Map 3 Problem Statements Limitations in my research: After last week’s assignment, I wanted to make my target audience parents over 65 living in within the 5 boroughs of New York City. However, due to the state’s current quarantine state and the demographic’s limited access to technology, it was […]

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Rice Husk Bowl Prototype #2

Goal: Create a second set of rice husk bowls using silicone molds and beet juice to add color I am actually super happy with how this second batch came out. They are still really rough looking, but conceptually they solidified the idea that this process can be scalable with more powerful industrial machinery (such as a […]

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Project Synopsis

The internet has become a crucial component in our daily lives. As you get ready for work, you might ask Siri what the weather for today is and check Google Maps for the best route to your job with the least traffic. On your commute, you use Apple Music to play your favorite song and […]

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Project Timeline

Proposal: Research plant-based sealants/adhesives to create all-natural tableware made out of rice husks Timeline: Week Five: find and buy a heat-resistant sealant experiment adding new sealants to bowls start thinking about storytelling/framing (begin outlining presentation/pitch) Week Six: explore with aesthetics and various shapes use silicon molds add colors finish presentation This past week I have […]

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