Generative Art

Generative Art is a website and tool that allows users to generate art out of text. Each image that is produced is unique and irreproducible. To begin, users enter sentences or words on the text box on the right. As users type new letters, new shapes are drawn on the canvas. When the user is […]

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Protocol Definitions

URL: URL, aka Uniform Resource Locator, is an address to where a specific resource lives on the web. It works in the same way that your home address dictates where you live in your neighborhood. The basic anatomy of a URL consists of 8 main parts: Scheme – refers to the protocol. It is the […]

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TIC TAC TOE Game Server

Objective: Build a game server to better understand backend development and REST APIs The basic architecture of this project entails a server that communicates with multiple clients and saves the game state of each room in a database. For simplicity sake and to focus mainly on the backend development, the multiplayer game will be Tic […]

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Predicting Stroke with an Neural Network

Objective: Train my own neural network using ml5.js to predict the likelihood of a stroke I trained my neural network using Healthcare Dataset Stroke data from Kaggle. The data has 10 main columns that can serve as inputs: gender, age, hypertension, heart_disease, ever_married, work_type, Residence_type, avg_glucose_level, bmi, smoking_status. It has one column labeled “stroke” with […]

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Sloth Fortune Teller

Objective: Use Tracery to invent my own grammer and generate text Inspired by a previous website I made called Sloth Horoscopes, I decided to create sloth fortune teller! All images are sourced from PixelBay, PngTree, and Unsplash. The globe and the sloth images were edited on Adobe Photoshop to create the aesthetic I was going […]

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Butterfly StyleGAN2

Objective: Use Runway to train my own StyleGAN2 model using butterfly images from Flicker. I first scraped 1919 images from Flicker using the keyword “butterfly”. Then, I uploaded the dataset to Runway. I used StyleGAN2 with the Objects pre-trained model and 3000 steps to train my butterfly model. I applied center crop to all my images to make […]

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Dr. Seuss + Markov Chains

Objective: Generate new stories and poems based on a Markov chain trained with Dr. Seuss Using Daniel Shiffman’s example code on Markov chains by words, I used Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! as my input. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite childhood authors so I was curious to explore what new […]

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Spade COCO Generated Video

Objective: Create a p5 sketch using Spade-COCO’s recognized colors to generate a photorealistic beach scene First, I created a p5 sketch to serve as a semantic image for the Spade COCO model in RunwayML. I used 6 colors associated with following labels: sand, sea, sky, tree, leaves, and person. The person diving in the sketch […]

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Style Transfer

Objective: Use a pre-trained model to create a style transfer from one image to another Using ml5.js library and the style transfer pre-loaded model, I created the following image above. I used the example code from Yining Shi to build my program. The style I wanted to apply on my picture is The Great Wave […]

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Packet Analysis

To get comfortable with Wireshark and how it works, I performed 5 different captures and analyzed the traffic. Here are my most interesting findings: Notable endpoints: Amazon Google Microsoft Edgecast [content delivery network (CDN)] Cloudflarenet [web-infrastructure and website-security company] Github Automattic Inc [Wordpress] Fastly [cloud computing services provider] After applying the filter tcp.port == 80 […]

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