Where’s the Trash?

Where’s the Trash? is a website that provides an interactive map for users to navigate and view all the New York’s Department of Sanitation’s [DSNY] public trash bins. Users can click and view the bins in two perspectives: Citywide and By Borough. In “Citywide” View, users can view all the data points on the map at […]

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Spark AR Face Mask Filter

This is a Spark AR filter I made for Instagram to promote the use of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you the tap the screen, the design of the mask changes. All designs are original artwork I made for my project 100 Days of Scribbling. Currently, my filter has had over 13.1K […]

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KNN Classifier

Objective: Build my own teachable machine using ml5.js I wanted to create a program that animates a girl walking across the screen by identifying when you are alternating your hands. There are buttons on the top of the page that prompt the user to train the machine learning model by taking images of themselves in […]

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100 Days of Digital Scribbling

For over 3 months, I traced an image from Unsplash and tried to manually apply an art filter. I used this daily practice to study lines and patterns in objects. What are the features (shapes, shadows, colors, textures) that define an object? What are the minimal features that need to be illustrated in order to […]

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Regex Expressions

“Some people, when confronted with a problem, think ‘I know, I’ll use regular expressions.’ Now they have two problems.” Jamie Zawinski My first impression of regex expressions is that they are ugly to look at. I have encountered regex before, but I always been too intimidated to make sense of them. In order to start […]

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I had the honor to be one of the finalists in the Biodesign Challenge Summit 2020 with my project, AMBER. Students from all over the world presented their research and the online summit reached over 5,000 views! AMBER is a plant-based, waterproof biomaterial made out of rice husks and pine resin. It provides a natural alternative to […]

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Multi-Bin is a customizable household trash bin, designed to maximize storage and optimize trash classification. Context and Research The New York City Department of Sanitation [DSNY] has 4 main waste collection streams: Trash Mixed Paper and Cardboard Organics Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Cartons Previous consumer research conducted by Statista in the United States has identified […]

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Design (UX)

Goal: Design an bin that can allow consumers to organize and store their trash more efficiently at home User Flow Wire Frame To get a better sense of scale, I first created a prototype of my design using my limited supply of cardboard boxes. This helped me visualize the height of the bin and gave […]

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Training my own StyleGAN2 Model

Objective: Use Runway to train my own StyleGAN2 model using images from Flicker. I first scraped 3838 images from Flicker using the keyword “coffee”. Then, I uploaded the dataset to Runway. I used StyleGAN2 with Flickr Faces pre-trained model and 3000 steps to train my coffee model. After 5 hours, my model produced a FID […]

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