The Subway State of Mind (Part 1)

Filmon and I worked on assembling our animation this week. The video above illustrates the rough draft we have. Filmon focused on designing and drawing many of the assets used in this piece (including the rats, poster, and the AirPods) while I focused on setting up the scenes for the characters in Adobe After Effects. […]

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Interactive Playback

This week I collaborated with KJ Ha to work on a sketch we call Interactive Playback. We both wanted to create an interactive piece that allowed users to pick sound clips and rearrange them in the order of their liking. Originally, we wanted users to be able to to record each of the sound clips […]

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Computer Takeover

This week I explored using p5.sound and the p5.speech.js library to visualize sound. I originally wanted to create a program that used the p5.speech.js speech recognition functions and then displayed an image that is the associated with the word that the user said by using an API that extracted images from the web. However, the […]

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Response to Animation Examples

Norman McClaren’s “Neighbors” I really enjoyed this film because it was a mixture of motion picture and stop-motion animation. I love the artists use of objects as well as people as the characters of this story. The irony of the story is that despite fighting for ownership of the flower they their own flower in […]

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Circle Meets Square

This week I explored stop motion animation. In collaboration with Abby Lee, together we designed an 1 minute looping animation that conveys a story about a circle meeting a square for the first time. The animation begins with the circle character coming to life and being happy (jumping up and down). The circle begins its […]

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Update: Party Mirror

For this week, I iterated and improved my project from last week! I decided to play a little bit more with color and gradients. I added 2 disco ball gifs into my sketch when it is in party mode by using the createImage() which will animate the gif automatically (I just discovered this a few […]

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Party Mirror

This project was inspired by the idea of photo mosaics, where one image is made up of hundreds of smaller ones. I originally wanted to create a dynamic photo mosaic that visualized your webcam feed. However, I soon came to realize that this was a bit too ambitious for the time frame of this assignment […]

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In the spirit of halloween, Emma Grimm and I designed and constructed an interactive virtual window. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor, two makeshift switches, a computer monitor and a curtain on a clothing rack. Our window scene is animated in p5 using royalty-free images found online. Our project consists of both animation events that […]

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