Midterm Concept

The idea is to create a virtual spooky window using a p5 sketch displayed on the screen. We are planning to place a clothing rack with curtains in front of the screen. The p5 sketch will be constantly animating a scene, but the state of the curtains will act as a switch that will control […]

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Match Watch

This is a satirical informercial created in collaboration with Youngmin Choi and Sam Krystal. Our video showcases our product called Match Watch. Match Watch is an application and digital service designed to help partners keep track of their significant others through questionable surveillance means. Our infomercial will depict a scenario where the application would be […]

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Paper or Plastic Interactive Flyer

This program is designed to engage the user in a conversation about paper and plastic bags. Which one is better to use or more environmentally friendly? The program starts with a split screen that reads “Paper” on the left and “Plastic” on the right. There are 20 bags floating around the screen. As the bags […]

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Epic Fail :(

The concept: create an instrument similar to a keyboard where each button plays a different note. The execution: A beeping mess. The speaker would not play any tone. I troubleshooted my project by rewiring the whole circuit from scratch and then double checked the connections for each button. I started to debug my program by […]

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Block Dude

For the past few weeks, I have been brainstorming about creating a circuit with a motor that reacts according to the distance or a gesture of the user. The circuit I used to build this week consists of an Arduino Uno, one LED, one phototransistor. Meet Block Dude. He is very lonely and constantly looking […]

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ITP 2019 Winter Show Poster

I designed a poster for the ITP 2019 Winter Show. I was inspired by ITP’s collaborative environment and our heavy use of cardboard for prototyping. This design tries to tap into the eclectic, creative, and messy process students undergo while developing new projects. I created this design using Adobe Photoshop. Each 3D person was created […]

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