Sloth Augmented Reality

This week’s assignment was to create an augmented reality image target using Unity and Vuforia. Sloths are my favorite animal so I used my sloth pencil case as an image target for a 3d-sloth object. I found the sloth 3D object online as a free .obj file with a .jpg file with the textures of […]

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The Subway State of Mind (Part 2)

This week Filmon and I worked on addressing the feedback we received last week such as (the scale of the characters, the camera perspective on some of the scenes, and adding sounds to enhance our storytelling). We did not animate the characters face or limbs because Filmon and I agreed it felt complete after adding […]

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The Subway State of Mind (Part 1)

Filmon and I worked on assembling our animation this week. The video above illustrates the rough draft we have. Filmon focused on designing and drawing many of the assets used in this piece (including the rats, poster, and the AirPods) while I focused on setting up the scenes for the characters in Adobe After Effects. […]

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Response to Animation Examples

Norman McClaren’s “Neighbors” I really enjoyed this film because it was a mixture of motion picture and stop-motion animation. I love the artists use of objects as well as people as the characters of this story. The irony of the story is that despite fighting for ownership of the flower they their own flower in […]

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Circle Meets Square

This week I explored stop motion animation. In collaboration with Abby Lee, together we designed an 1 minute looping animation that conveys a story about a circle meeting a square for the first time. The animation begins with the circle character coming to life and being happy (jumping up and down). The circle begins its […]

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