Circle Grid

This project was inspired by disco lights and paparazzi cameras flashing. I tried to mimic the effect these objects create by animating a simple grid of circles. I selected three color palettes using the Coolors website. Within the draw loop, circles are drawn and randomly assigned a color within a particular palette. When the mouse […]

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Hip-Hop Heads

This project was designed and created in collaboration with Nailah Davis. Nailah loves music. She wanted to incorporate her interests in hip-hop and hip-hop culture in a creative way. Both of us agreed that we would love to incorporate a music element into our program where the user could interact with the artists they are […]

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A view from space

This week’s assignment was focused on animation. One of my biggest struggles with this assignment was deciding on what to do. I had so many ideas I was excited about: a two-level drag and drop puzzle game, a simplified version of the game TOCA BOCA Hair Salon that allows users to be a hair stylist, […]

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