Style Transfer

Objective: Use a pre-trained model to create a style transfer from one image to another Using ml5.js library and the style transfer pre-loaded model, I created the following image above. I used the example code from Yining Shi to build my program. The style I wanted to apply on my picture is The Great Wave […]

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Sound Classifier + Arduino

Objective: Use the sound classifier model from ml5.js to control a 7 segment LED display connected to an Arduino Uno To bring hardware and p5.js together, I first focused on building my circuit. I found this reference diagram below and used it to connect my LED display model # 350074. Next, I worked on writing […]

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Face Matrix

Objective: Use the Face API machine learning model to create a Face Matrix! My project detects a user’s face using the Face API from ml5.js and draws real-time face landmarks. This was more of an exercise for me to practice working with the Face API and understand how it works. I wanted to experiment making each […]

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Dancing Pumpkin Character

Objective: Use the Posenet machine learning model to recreate my favorite halloween gif! It is October! Which means Halloween is fast approaching! In the holiday spirit, I decided to recreate my favorite halloween gif: the dancing Halloween man. My friends and I always send this gif to each other whenever we are feeling down. My […]

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BodyPix Fun

Objective: Explore with the BodyPix machine learning model and p5.js. I wanted to create a virtual background using the BodyPix machine learning model from ml5.js. The background consists of a blue mask with a list of the most popular programming languages from Corpora. It is a relatively short and simply program to keep me inspired […]

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KNN Classifier

Objective: Build my own teachable machine using ml5.js I wanted to create a program that animates a girl walking across the screen by identifying when you are alternating your hands. There are buttons on the top of the page that prompt the user to train the machine learning model by taking images of themselves in […]

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Training my own StyleGAN2 Model

Objective: Use Runway to train my own StyleGAN2 model using images from Flicker. I first scraped 3838 images from Flicker using the keyword “coffee”. Then, I uploaded the dataset to Runway. I used StyleGAN2 with Flickr Faces pre-trained model and 3000 steps to train my coffee model. After 5 hours, my model produced a FID […]

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