Evolving Art

Goal: Use the “Evolving Shakespeare” genetic algorithm to generate art from text This sketch was inspired by my final project for Programming A to Z. The idea is that each letter in the English alphabet is associated with a pattern. These patterns are created using a variety of techniques such as Perlin noise, recursion and […]

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Ocean Waves

Goal: Using a flocking steering behavior to stimulate ocean foam As temperatures rise in NY, I have been excitedly anticipating the summer season and going to the beach. I was inspired by the image below to recreate the circular shapes formed from each crashing wave. To establish my color palette, I used the following image […]

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Pendulum Hair

Goal: Build a sketch that allows you to tilt the head of a character and their hair flows according to gravity. In this sketch, I created a happy, girl character with flowing hair. When you click and drag your mouse from side to side, you can control the tilt of the character’s head. Each strand […]

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Balloon Party Part 2

Goal: Learn how to add a spring force to my balloon party sketch to create dynamic strings This week I iterated on my balloon party sketch where users can click on the canvas and inflate helium balloons of different sizes [masses]. Then, the balloon will float upwards according to the physics of its mass, surface […]

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Balloon Party

Goal: Learn how to add force vectors in p5 and create an inflating balloon simulation. To reinforce my understanding of vectors, I went back and improved my rocketship sketch I made last week. My stars are working now! (Thank you, Ellen :D) I added different opacities to the stars and moved the rocketship in front […]

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Vector Rocketship

Goal: Learn how to use vectors to create an illusion of a rocketship flying through space. As you move your mouse around the canvas, the rocketship rotates to “accelerate” in that direction. However, the rocketship never moves from the center of the canvas, only the stars are moving across the screen. There are 2 set […]

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Noise Walk with MonoSynth

Goal: To implement a random walk algorithm with sound to generate music For this project, I wanted to explore combining sounds, Perlin noise, and the random walk algorithm. I have never really studied music theory in depth, but I love music and am trying to learn how to play the piano during my free time. […]

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Sloth Fortune Teller

Objective: Use Tracery to invent my own grammer and generate text Inspired by a previous website I made called Sloth Horoscopes, I decided to create sloth fortune teller! All images are sourced from PixelBay, PngTree, and Unsplash. The globe and the sloth images were edited on Adobe Photoshop to create the aesthetic I was going […]

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Dr. Seuss + Markov Chains

Objective: Generate new stories and poems based on a Markov chain trained with Dr. Seuss Using Daniel Shiffman’s example code on Markov chains by words, I used Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! as my input. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite childhood authors so I was curious to explore what new […]

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