2020 Presidential Debate Analysis

Objective: Visualize a word count of each participant in the presidential debate on September 30, 2020. With the United States presidential election coming up, I wanted to explore and analyze the transcript of the debate this past week. First, I downloaded a transcript from rev.com as a .txt file. Then, I created 3 dictionaries in […]

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Interactive Playback

Objective: Collaborate with KJ Ha to work on a sketch we call Interactive Playback. We both wanted to create an interactive piece that allowed users to pick sound clips and rearrange them in the order of their liking. Originally, we wanted users to be able to to record each of the sound clips and then […]

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Computer Takeover

Objective: Explore using p5.sound and the p5.speech.js library to visualize sound. I originally wanted to create a program that used the p5.speech.js speech recognition functions and then displayed an image that is the associated with the word that the user said by using an API that extracted images from the web. However, the p5.speech.js library […]

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Update: Party Mirror

Objective: For this week, I iterated and improved my project from last week! I decided to play a little bit more with color and gradients. I added 2 disco ball gifs into my sketch when it is in party mode by using the createImage() which will animate the gif automatically (I just discovered this a […]

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Party Mirror

Objective: Create a sketch that incorporates the webcam. This project was inspired by the idea of photo mosaics, where one image is made up of hundreds of smaller ones. I originally wanted to create a dynamic photo mosaic that visualized your webcam feed. However, I soon came to realize that this was a bit too […]

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Paper or Plastic Interactive Flyer

Objective: Design a program to engage the user in a conversation about paper and plastic bags. Which one is better to use or more environmentally friendly? The program starts with a split screen that reads “Paper” on the left and “Plastic” on the right. There are 20 bags floating around the screen. As the bags […]

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Interactive Flyer about Deforestation

Objective: Create a sketch that combines my interests in programming and sustainability. This project is inspired by interests in sustainability and computer science. I have been wanting to mix my two interests in a creative way. I am passionate about educating others on what it means to be sustainable and how does that translate to […]

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Circle Grid

Objective: Play around with randomness and arrays. This project was inspired by disco lights and paparazzi cameras flashing. I tried to mimic the effect these objects create by animating a simple grid of circles. I selected three color palettes using the Coolors website. Within the draw loop, circles are drawn and randomly assigned a color […]

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Hip-Hop Heads

Objective: Create a sketch that incorporates sound. This project was designed and created in collaboration with Nailah Davis. Nailah loves music. She wanted to incorporate her interests in hip-hop and hip-hop culture in a creative way. Both of us agreed that we would love to incorporate a music element into our program where the user […]

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A view from space

Objective: Create a sketch focused on animation. One of my biggest struggles with this experiment was deciding on what to do. I had so many ideas I was excited about: a two-level drag and drop puzzle game, a simplified version of the game TOCA BOCA Hair Salon that allows users to be a hair stylist, […]

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