Hoop Trivia

Welcome to Hoop Trivia! I am adding a twist to the traditional way of playing trivia. Instead of pressing buttons to select an answer choice, players need to shoot basketballs into a hoop that corresponds to their answer (4 hoops, 4 answer choices). Hoop Trivia is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s […]

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Hoop Trivia Software Final

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I am joining both my p5.js and Arduino skills to create a project that I call Hoop Trivia! Hoop Trivia is a traditional basketball arcade game mixed with trivia. It is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s called Connect 4 Hoops, where players […]

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In the spirit of halloween, Emma Grimm and I designed and constructed an interactive virtual window. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor, two makeshift switches, a computer monitor and a curtain on a clothing rack. Our window scene is animated in p5 using royalty-free images found online. Our project consists of both animation events that […]

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Midterm Concept

The idea is to create a virtual spooky window using a p5 sketch displayed on the screen. We are planning to place a clothing rack with curtains in front of the screen. The p5 sketch will be constantly animating a scene, but the state of the curtains will act as a switch that will control […]

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