Epic Fail :(

The concept: create an instrument similar to a keyboard where each button plays a different note. The execution: A beeping mess. The speaker would not play any tone. I troubleshooted my project by rewiring the whole circuit from scratch and then double checked the connections for each button. I started to debug my program by […]

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Block Dude

For the past few weeks, I have been brainstorming about creating a circuit with a motor that reacts according to the distance or a gesture of the user. The circuit I used to build this week consists of an Arduino Uno, one LED, one phototransistor. Meet Block Dude. He is very lonely and constantly looking […]

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LED Constellation

Since I learned about digital input and analog input last week, this week I decided to build upon on my star constellation project and add functionality to it using an Arduino. For this project, I built my circuit using an Arduino Uno, one button switch, and 9 LEDS. The schematic for the circuit is found […]

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Observing the MTA Metrocard Machine

A piece of interactive technology that I looked at this week was the MTA Metrocard Machine. It is used to purchase metrocards and check a customer’s metrocard balance. It is used and placed within train and select bus stations. The average customer spends somewhere in-between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete a transaction. Customers […]

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LED Madness

This week my task was to create a circuit with a switch. I took 2 approaches to this assignment: a literal approach and a more creative implementation. Part 1: Colorful Buttons I created a parallel circuit using an Arduino UNO 3.3 volts as my power source and 4 color-coded LED lights with buttons as my […]

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