Match Watch

This is a satirical informercial created in collaboration with Youngmin Choi and Sam Krystal. Our video showcases our product called Match Watch. Match Watch is an application and digital service designed to help partners keep track of their significant others through questionable surveillance means. Our infomercial will depict a scenario where the application would be […]

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Next Stop: Jay Street-MetroTech

This is a sound walk created by Julie Lizardo and Zack Lee. It takes place within the 370 Jay Street building in Brooklyn, New York. This walk will take you through the history of the building as you make “three stops” : 1938, 1960’s, and the present. Instructions before you begin:The walk is intended to […]

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New York City with new ears

This week I went on John Luther Adams’ Soundwalk 9:09 Uptown. It is a soundwalk that navigates listeners on the journey from The Met Breuer to The Met Fifth Avenue, which is an estimated walk of 9 minutes and 9 seconds. There is no narration on the track but instead a serious of chimes and […]

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