Robot Game with P5 Serial Control

Objective: Create a circuit that uses serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno. To practice serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno, I made a prototype of a game. This game has two controls: a force sensor to jump and a potentiometer to move left and right. The concept of this game is […]

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Interactive Flyer about Deforestation

Objective: Create a sketch that combines my interests in programming and sustainability. This project is inspired by interests in sustainability and computer science. I have been wanting to mix my two interests in a creative way. I am passionate about educating others on what it means to be sustainable and how does that translate to […]

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Circle Grid

Objective: Play around with randomness and arrays. This project was inspired by disco lights and paparazzi cameras flashing. I tried to mimic the effect these objects create by animating a simple grid of circles. I selected three color palettes using the Coolors website. Within the draw loop, circles are drawn and randomly assigned a color […]

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