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Hi there!

My name is Julie Lizardo. I am a proud Dominican that was born and raised in New York. I have an outgoing, bubbly personality with a passion for computer science and sustainability! This past spring, I obtained a bachelor’s degree from New York University [NYU] in biology with a concentration in ecology and minored in computer science and math. Now, I am pursuing a master’s degree from NYU in interactive media through their Inter-telecommunications Program [ITP].

Growing up, I was also never exposed to computer science in school and it never appeared as a possible career choice that was accessible to me. I was intimidated by the complexity of the field and how it seemed to be catered to men. It was not until college that I had opportunity to enroll in a computer science course as an elective. Therefore, I want to expose students before they complete their high school education to the possibility of a STEM career and that they are capable of pursuing their interests despite society’s stigmatized depictions.

One of my life-long goals it to promote computer science education as well as sustainability practices in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. This past summer, I took a first step in that direction by teaching two six-week courses in environmental science and computer science to high school students at NYU. I am currently working as a Course and Teacher Assistant within the Department of Computer Science at NYU while being a full-time student at ITP.